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Birthday’s (not Happy)

Updated: Feb 14, 2020

Dear Zoe, Yesterday mummy and daddy turned another year older, whilst we sat around the dinner table trying to pretend to be grateful for life. It will never be the same baby girl, you made our birthdays happy. You should have been blowing out the candles. Instead we ache for you, everyday. I miss your laugh, I miss your vibrant energy, I miss you being cheeky, I miss everything about you. I miss taking you to the farm and walking the wallies up the lane way. Gosh it’s so hard looking back on these photos... because you were so sick, but you still managed to smile even though you didn’t want to. You were in so much pain this last week, but holidays would be one of best distractions to take your mind of this pain. Everyday of your fight princess, was a sense of hope that you would pull through. I was trying everything in my power to save you and well I failed. So here I am today 17 months on raising awareness and organising a huge party for you. In hope that one day families don’t have to go through this torture. I wish you were here princess. But I know the birthday cake would be amazing up in heaven. I just hope that in 3 years when I’m celebrating a milestone birthday that we can be celebrating an improvement in better statistics in survival rates for childhood brain cancer, but also better treatments and better outcomes for all people diagnosed with these shitty rare aggressive brain tumours that are taking our precious loved ones away. For now princess it’s another day fighting. Thankyou for the rainbows and beautiful skies. Love you to the moon and back Mummy. (Penny)  

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