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JENKINS LABATORY @ Walter and Eliza Hall Institute, Melbourne  

Zoe's Fight Foundation has teamed up with Jenkins Laboratory at Walter and Eliza Hall Institute (WEHI) in Melbourne, AUSTRALIA. Zoe's Fight Foundation is proud to contribute funding in 2022 to seek better treatment outcomes and improve prognosis by developing new immunotherapy approaches for children with Glioblastoma Multiforme. And we are very proud that this research has been named "The Zoe Stanley Research Program". 

Zoe's Fight Foundation granted funds towards a Paediatric Glioblastoma Clinical Trial @ Children's Cancer Institute, Sydney in 2021 & 2022. 

Dr Orazio Vittorio has proposed to test a novel strategy; lowering the amount of copper in glioblastoma cells to improve the effectiveness of immunotherapy for children with glioblastoma. He hopes that by using a copper-lowering drug (TEPA) that is already clinically available, the successful outcome of this project will be rapidly translatable to children with glioblastoma. 

Paediatric Glioblastoma Research Trial  @ CHILDREN'S CANCER INSTITUTE, SYDNEY  

Early Phase Trial Co-ordinator @ ROYAL CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL MELBOURNE (in collaboration with RCD foundation) 

Just shortly after our daughter lost her battle Zoe's Fight foundation teamed up with Robert Connor Dawes Foundation in 2018 to help grant funds towards an Early Phase Trial co-ordinator for Paediatric Brain Cancer at the Royal Children's Hospital in Melbourne. We believe that helping give children and their families access to early phase trials may help improve quality of life. We want to help give children a fighting chance. Zoe's Fight Foundation co-funded this project for 3 years until 2021.  

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