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Wish I could turn back time.

Updated: Feb 14, 2020

4 years ago (2015) today here we were... chilling out for a moment at Winters Cafe in Newtown. Zoe you were just 3 years and I was so excited with life. It was challenging studying, parenting, work. But Zoe you made life fun.. milk shakes and lunch dates with my cousin and my beautiful daughter between essays. Tonight I sit here after a busy day... and I stop... the tears flow... it just only seems like yesterday that you were here Zo... the longer you are gone the harder it is... I’m so heartbroken ... I try so hard to distract my self from feeling the pain of loosing you... by there is no pretending... it bloody hurts. For the lovely people reading this, I don’t want pity, because I’m not the only one going through loss. Just enjoy the little things in life... because as many of us know, life is too short. And get ready for the biggest party of the year at Zoe’s Fight Gala Ball.... it’s going to be bright and colourful just like Zoe... haven’t got your tickets yet... Tickets won’t last head to 

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