Super Hero Schools


  GO GREY IN MAY 2021  

Zoe’s Fight Foundation are seeking super schools, childcare centres and sports clubs to participate in fundraising activities as part of Go Grey in May for Brain Cancer awareness month.


How can you be a SUPER school?

Hold any kind of fundraising event for Zoe's Fight Foundation to help us kick Brain Cancer to the curb!


Some ideas include:

- Superhero Dress day

- PJ's day

- Casual dress day

and help Zoe’s Fight Foundation raise desperately needed funds and awareness for kids brain cancer with a gold coin donation for your theme of choice.


Get your school on board today!


It’s as easy as:

  1. Pick a date that suits your school / club

  2. Register your school/club using the form below

  3. Spread the word (we can provide you digital files to help promote your School Super Hero date)

  4. Hold your event, have fun and collect your donations

  5. Donate your raised funds to Zoe’s Fight.


We can arrange for a Zoe's Fight Foundation member to attend your event if you wish!

We can also provide you with Zoe's Fight Merchandise for you to sell at your school to assist with your fundraising efforts, starting from just $3...

Just let us know in the details section below!

“Sometimes, real superheros lie in the hearts of small children fighting big battles”

YES! We're a SUPER school!

Thanks for registering! You're truly a SUPER school. We'll be in touch with more info for you very soon.