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Miss you beautiful Zoe... you funny cheeky mini me.

Updated: Feb 14, 2020

Oh my beautiful Zoe, I still remember this photo like it was yesterday. Chilling out on my day off from work with you. Well if only I could click my fingers like a Geanie and have you back (you learnt to just before your diagnosis). If I could I would rewind 3 1/2 years... I felt like my life was fulfilled, loved my job, loved our my little family of three , loved my life around me, and off course loved my beautiful friends. (I know I say I a lot, but I speak for me and Clint). We were just grateful and both loved our beautiful Zoe unconditionally.  19 months after loosing you we still wonder why you had to be taken away from us by this shit disease known as glioblastoma multi forme ( a rare aggressive incurable brain tumour). The pain never eases, I just hide it well.  We still are in dis belief at how many people still aren’t aware about brain cancer killing children. I’ll often bring Zoe up in conversations with story’s of what Zoe loved doing. Talking about Zoe everyday in conversations. Did you know that In 90% of paediatric brain cancers the cause is unknown. So we may never know why Zoe got this deadly disease. I hope that with our awareness and money that you are all helping us raise will provide more answers for families as better treatments and breakthroughs. Genetic testing on brain cancers are improving, but this is only thanks to Philantroprophy over the last 6 years... including the amazing RCD foundation who are also working hard to raise money for paediatric brain cancer. 

A little letter to Zoe I wrote today: 

Dear Zoe, 

I miss you so so much. I miss hanging with you on the trampoline pulling funny faces or seeing who could do the fastest rolly Polly. God you were so funny... you are me smile and laugh so much... you were my mini me. I loved your funny comments, I love you fullstop. I promise you baby girl that I will keep fighting to help change these statistics that took you. Because life will never ever be the same without you. 

I hope your jumping over the clouds above us baby girl. 

Love you to the moon and back.  

Your mummy


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