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Feeling all the emotions...

Oh that smile... how I miss our girl...



Im feeling the need to express my feelings today.. so keep scrolling if you feel...



I’m feeling so many mixed emotions today. First of all I’m so grateful for the continued support that you all give to us despite all the uncertainty in 2020. If you missed it Last month @aaronshembri music @stefanwest released a special a song for Zoe and all the angels... and today it just made it the U.K... more awareness for brain cancer I say... but feeling so numb...

I am also angry that #braincancer took our girl and it may be easy for some to think or say“ it was over 2 years ago” but let me tell you, loosing a child doesn’t get easier with time... I feel I maybe deal my feelings differently and honestly put lots of this angry energy into helping make a change. Im often scared of sitting with my feelings because of how sad I will get ... but today is a day of allowing myself this... and bloody hell it hurts, maybe i needed this time to slow down and tell myself thats it ok to cry. Our daughter Zoe was the light of our lives, amd when that gets taken away from you in life you will never be the same person. I’m also feeling so frustrated because when Zoe was diagnosed in March 2017 brain cancer was very poorly funded, and this only changed in Australia in October 2017 thanks to many parents, professionals and researchers who advocated so much for brain cancer to be adequately funded. I wrote several letters to the government pledging for a change, and I’m sure I wasn’t alone in writing letters of frustration. Thankyou so much to these charities who helped make a change for brain cancer in October 2017 @rcdfoundation @curebraincancer @carriesb4bc @wehi_research @asplashofyellow @isabellamarcusfoundation and Australian government for making this a priority. Too little too late for so many children and parents, but we continue to join the fight @zoesfight foundation and poor our heart and soul into fundraising so that research into research into #paeditricbraincancer can continue. Because children unfortunately keep getting diagnosed even in the covid world. Zoe is our reason that we keep fighting and I feel it’s a lovely way to honour her legacy, but so many of us have story’s... and I know I would trade places if we could have Zoe back.

ok I don’t think I’ve even made sense what I wrote...

But just be kind to one another...



Zoe’s Mum

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