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Time doesn’t heal 💔

It’s been over 5 years since our Zoe was fighting for her little life undergoing intensive treatments and too many hospital admissions and procedures to even count on my ten fingers.

I often don’t talk about it on social media for fear of scaring people away from our charity, but really this our whole reason that @zoesfight founds excuses. Our little Zoe 4 year old Zoe was the reason why we started this charity. To help make a difference to other children faced by the same disease, and hopefully help them have more answers and better treatments.

I don’t think there ever will be a day that I don’t talk about Zoe until the day I see here again in heaven . Today I felt her smiling down at me, I often need these feelings to keep me going. Because well to be honest when I stop and my feet up for a minute I get a sense of things I missing out on life with my daughter. No beach hangs, no more cuddles, no more bed time stories, no more “I love you to the moon and back” what I would do to bring you back if without #braincancer .

In one aspect I am lucky that I have all these memories to scroll back through photos of my beautiful girl . But wish every day that I had here with me pain free and cancer free. This is my why. Life is too short.

I miss you forever Zoe.

Love you so much.

Your Mummy

Penny 💖

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