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Doing it for the kids ...

What a week of emotions, learning and networking. Last week I was invited to attend @hudson_research for their 6th annual children’s cancer symposium and later that week attended @rchmelbourne for international children’s cancer awareness day.

I was very fortunate to meet some amazing scientists, clinicians and experts who talked about the latest cutting edge research into children’s cancers. I also met survivor parents, RCD friends and parents of children who have survived cancer. The vibe in this room was incredible, we all want the same thing... to help end children’s cancer.

Yes the tears flowed, but it’s happy tears because their are experts working behind the scenes who are passionate about finding better treatments for #childrenscancer & #pediatricbraincancer. I felt very honoured to be in the room of such clever people. It was great to network and share Zoe’s story so that we can help make a difference for other children.

I love being an advocate for #paediatricbraincancer, but I just hate that it stole my daughter and that #paediatric brain cancer is still the number 1 killer in kids.



This is my love job, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. If we can all work together to end paediatric brain cancer we might just solve the puzzle one day.

Miss you so so so much Zoe. #foreverinourheart #braveprincess

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