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Missing Zoe on mothers day...

Updated: Feb 14, 2020

As mothers day fastly approaches I definately feel a sense of heaviness and emptiness. I have been keeping myself very distracted that i don't feel. I know waking up tomorrow definately won't be a happy time for me. I feel lost... a lost mother who has lost her daughter.. These days are a constant reminder now of what I had but what was taken away. I still remember when Zoe would race into our room... jump on our bed give me the biggest kiss and cuddle and tell me she loved me. The sound of her footsteps are now just in my head... i miss this so much. Cancer has destroyed our life completely... its fucking shit. I try to be grateful for waking up, but its hard when your bright light has been taken away. This was Zoe three years ago... the happiest time of my life.  

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